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Interscientific Exchange

ÖGMBT traditionally aims to strives to bridge the gaps between the diverse branches of biosciences and expand upon networking procedures with workshops and satellite events. The 7th Annual Meeting hosted a large variety of events that empowered this philosophy

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Annual Biophysics Austria Meeting
Biophysics is the bridge between biology and physics. To foster interactions with biology, it has thus become tradition to liaise with the ÖGMBT and hold the Annual Biophysics Austria Meeting as satellite of the Annual ÖGMBT meeting. The meeting highlighted recent advances and new emerging areas, including invited speaker Peter Jakob of the University of Würzburg.
Translational Oncology Sessions
On Friday, September 11th, two seperate sessions on the topics of translational oncology were organized by the Austrian Association of Surgical Research in cooperation with ÖGMBT.


Building Bridges

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Exhibitors & Quiz
40 exhibitors were given the opportunity to present their unique innovations and novel products directly to researching scientists. The ÖGMBT tried to motivate engaging in a dialogue with an annual meeting premiere: the exhibitor quiz. Those who answered several specific questions correctly eventually had the chance to win great prizes like a Samsung tablet, an eBook reader or free entrance to the next ÖGMBT conference.
ÖGMBT Info Point
Located right next to the entrance and registration area, the ÖGMBT tent served as an info point for those curious about the society in general, the ongoings of the conference and events, as well as the various services on offer. Various members of the organising comittee as well as many helpers provided the visitors of the conference with viable information and gave insight on the ÖGMBT.
Career Corner
How to improve your CV? HR professionals spend only few minutes to read your application and to decide - few minutes and rows to catch the attention and to convince with your personality. Gabriela Zechner of Life Science Career Service offered the chance for a quick resume and cover letter check at her info point. At the same time, the Erber/Biomin Group provided young scientists with several potential job opportunitites.


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Wine & Science
Socialising within the scientific community is a vital part of both the conference environment, as well as ones individual, professional development. The well-established Networking event once Wine & Science again offered the opportunity to share ideas and experiences, to meet old friends or make new ones - while enjoying a glass of wine.
Interactive Training with Nature Publishing
Dominika Rudnicka, associate editor at Nature Communications, gave insights into the process of getting published and the work of a scientific editor at within the publishing group. The “hands-on” workdshop provided by Macmillan Science Communication included tips and tricks on getting published in Nature and its sister journals.
Workshop with Pall Life Sciences
Breaking free from the limitations of the shake flask - the microbioreactor for early stage process development has the ability to run up to 24 bioreactors simultaneously, with independent control of each reactor. The Pall Life Sciences workshop gave visitors the chance to "touch" the Pall Micro-24 microbioreactor and talk to the experts.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

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