Working Groups

In order to fulfil the tasks defined in the statutes of the ÖGMBT, working groups may be set up upon proposal of members. A working group represents a national network of ÖGMBT members, in which a certain topic is to be worked on or this activity is to be initiated in the medium to long term. In particular, networks or consortia should come together across institutions and regions for joint activities. In addition to creating synergies in the use of resources, the aim is to achieve a leverage effect in the joint development of project ideas and through joint funding applications.

Our Working Groups

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How to join a ÖGMBT Working Group

Registered ÖGMBT members can manage their ÖGMBT Working Groups memberships in the Intranet menue under MyData.

How to setup an ÖGMBT Working Group

Members of the ÖGMBT who are interested in setting up a working group are invited to contact the board through the office for further information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.