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Austrias Life Science Hot-Spot

ÖGMBT is a platform for scientific exchange and diversity by connecting researchers, students and entrepeneurs.

The 7th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting "Salzburg goes Science" inlcuded plentiful sessions in the key disciplines, with manifold satellite events creating the perfect environment and atmosphere for discussion between Austrias leading life scientists and establishing new networks - in the beautiful city of Salzburg.

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The scientific get-to-gether was divided into several sessions with diverse topics:

Science in Biotech Companies - Systems Biology - Epigenetics & Cancer
NanoScience - Immunology & Allergology - Structural Biology
Translational Oncology – Plant Biology & Biotechnology - Signal Transduction
Stem Cells - Biophysics - Satellite Meeting by Biophysics Austria


The range and quality of bioscientific research in Austria was reflected by the top speakers that took stage throughout the meeting, including the following invited speakers:

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Wolfram Weckwerth
University of Vienna, AT
Maria Sibilia
Medical University of Vienna, AT
Holger Sültmann
DKFZ Heidelberg, DE
Stephan Feller
Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, DE
Christoph v. Kalle
DKFZ Heidelberg, DE
Guido Grossmann
COS Heidelberg, DE
Stephan Knapp
University of Oxford, GB
Iseult Lynch
University of Birmingham, GB
Alexander Leitner
ETH Zürich, CH
Kevin E. Healy
University of California, US
Umberto Galderisi
Second University of Napoli, IT
Michael Groll
Technical University München, DE
Werner Baumgartner
JKU Linz, AT
Peter Jakob
University of Würzburg, DE
Christina Zielinski
Technical University München, DE



Young aspiring scientists and their extraordinary research received awards in four different categories: PhD-Awards, Research Awards, Poster- and Talk Awards

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Verena Ruprecht, ÖGMBT/Biomin Research Award 2015
Actomyosin network contractilityt riggers a stochastic transformation into highly motile amoeboid cells
Daniela Gallerano, ÖGMBT/Eppendorf Research Award-I 2015
HIV microarray for the mapping and characterization of HIV-specific antibody responses
Matthias Farlik, ÖGMBT/Eppendorf Research Award-II 2015
Single-cell DNA methylome sequencing and bioinformatic inference of epigenetic cell state dynamics
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Janett Göhring, ÖGMBT/THP PhD Award 2015
Imaging of Endogenous mRNA Splice Variants in Living Plant Cells
Best Poster & Best Talk Awards Birgit Ploier, ÖGMBT/Polymun PhD Award 2015
Molecular enzymology of lipolytic enzymes in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
OEGMBT JT 2015 Umschlag Front VB1.1

Check out the full programme and abstract book for more information on the conference! 

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