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Austrias Life Science Hot-Spot

ÖGMBT is a platform for scientific exchange and diversity by connecting researchers, students and corporates.

The 8th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting in Graz included plentiful sessions with invited speakers and gave young scientist the chance to presented their work and get in exchange with leading national and international scientists.

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The scientific get-to-gether presented current research in the key-disciplines:

Lipid Metabolism, Disorders and Cancer – Ageing and Neurodegeneration – Enzymes and Nanomachines –
Secretion Systems – Infectious Diseases and Novel Treatments Translational Oncology – Microbiota Today –
Systems and Synthetic Biology Single Molecules and Membranes Satellite Meeting by Biophysics Austria


The range and quality of bioscientific research was reflected by the top speakers that took stage throughout the meeting, including the following invited speakers:

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David Berry
Vienna, AT
Jürgen Eckel
Düsseldorf, DE
Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz
Bethesda, US
Tim Clausen
Vienna, AT
Elisabeth Grohmann
Berlin, DE
Satchin Panda
La Jolla, US
Christoph Högenauer
Graz, AT
Michael Lisanti
Manchester, UK
Bence Racz
Budapest, HU
Calin Guet
Klosterneuburg, AT
Bob Hancock
Vancouver, CA
Dirk Trauner
Munich, DE
Andreas Horner
Linz, AT
Pernille Hojman
Copenhagen, DK
Cornelia Ulrich
Salt Lake City, USA
John van der Oost
Wageningen, NL
Andreas Villunger
Innsbruck, AT
Erwin Wagner
Madrid, SP
Gabriel Waksman
London, UK
Alan Warren
Cambridge, UK



The 8th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting focused on Young Scientists in Austria. With the dedicated session “Young Scientist Austria” extraordinary young scientists from the DK Enzymology, DK Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease and DK MOLIN were invited to present their research topics.
Young aspiring scientists and their extraordinary research received awards in four different categories: PhD-Awards, Research Awards, Poster- and Talk Awards

Here is the video of the winners of the ÖGMBT Research and PhD-Awards Wolfgang Gruber (Uni Salzburg), Hanna Koch (Universität Wien) & Daniel Kracher (BOKU).

ÖGMBT Research and PhD Award 2016 from Biofaction on Vimeo.

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Kracher Daniel, ÖGMBT Research Award 2016 sponsored by Prof. Ernst Müllner
“Extracellular electron transfer systems fuel cellulose oxidative degradation”
Koch Hanna, ÖGMBT/Polymun PhD Award Basic Research 2016
“Alternative Roles of Nitrite Oxidizing Nitrospira within the Nitrogen Cycle and Beyond”
Gruber Wolfgang, ÖGMBT/THP PhD Award Applied Research 2016
“Inhibition of oncogenic HH/GLI signaling by targeting DYRK1B”
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Best Talk Award 2016 sponsored by Microsynth
Elisabeth Glitzner: “Molecular characterization of the EGF receptor (EGFR) in endothelial cells”
Best Poster Awards 2016 sponsored by Biomin went to
Monika Linke, Michael Karbiener, Carina Hasenoehrl, Isabella Bina, Verena Kohler, Catherine McKenzie, Michael Prattes, Anna Maria Reisenbichler, Meghana Somlapura and Birgit Wassermann
ÖGMBT Young Live Scientists Austria (YLSA)
Jonas Ramoni and Pascal Mülner from ÖGMBT Young Live Scientists Austria (YLSA) gave their Kick-off event in Graz and presented the new platform for young scientists of the ÖGMBT. For further activities of the YLSA click HERE
JT2016 Abstract book cover

Check out the full programme and abstract book for more information on the conference! 


Relive your experience with our photo gallery or contact us for further information


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