Standort: Vienna, Austria
Art: Vollzeit
Firma: University of Veterinary Medicine
Eingetragen am: 2024-02-08

The Department of Biological Sciences and Pathobiology seeks to appoint a Professor for “Immunology” in accordance with the appointment procedure for university professors established by § 98 of the Austrian Universities Act 2002.


Grade: A1

Level of employment: 40 hours weekly

Length of employment: permanent

Envisaged Job Starting Date: March 2025

Deadline for applications: 6.3.2024

Reference number: 2024/0013

Field of activity

The advertised professorship is affiliated to the Centre of Pathobiology and will work in research and teaching with the existing team on comparative and functional veterinary immunology with particular focus on infectious and/or immune-mediated diseases in domestic and wild animals. According to the Development Plan of the Vetmeduni, the further development of interdisciplinary, translational research focuses is to be pursued, especially as the findings from research are essential for both animal and human health.

The central objective of the professor to be appointed is to represent the field of immunology in veterinary medicine. Of particular importance is the development of an interdisciplinary, internationally visible research focus in combination with the training of early career researchers. State-of-the-art research facilities and outstanding opportunities for teaching are available to achieve this aim.

In research, the successful candidate should demonstrate a relevant, independent, and internationally visible profile. An adequate third-party funding for their own research is a prerequisite. The further development of a research profile in the field of the basics of the immune system of domestic and wild animals, and the interactions of the immune system with various pathogens is desired.

The position holder is expected to cooperate with the facilities of the Vetmeduni, especially the clinical departments, with interdisciplinary approaches and state-of-the-art methodologies of human medicine and life sciences.

In teaching, the successful candidate will coordinate and manage the further development of courses within the curricula (Diploma Programme in Veterinary Medicine, Bachelor Programme in Biomedicine and Biotechnology, Master Programme in Comparative Biomedicine, Digitalization in Animal Health Management, Wildlife Ecology and Wildlife Management and Interdisciplinary Master in Human-Animal Interactions) of the Vetmeduni as well as postgraduate scientific training in the field of immunology. The job holder's responsibilities will also include working with university bodies and participation in national and international expert committees.




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