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Standort: Austria
Art: Dissertationsstelle
Firma: University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU)
Eingetragen am: 2019-11-26

two PhD positions in the project
“Yeast production platform for complex proteins”


Starting date January/February, 2020


Project description
Yeasts are important hosts for production of industrial enzymes and biopharmaceutical proteins. Pichia
pastoris is among the most used yeasts for recombinant protein production, and strong efforts have been
made over the last years to develop tools for efficient strain development. In this project, we will work on
synthetic biology tools to enable rapid strain design for the production of several difficult-to-express

  • One PhD project will focus on the development, validation and implementation of a synthetic biology toolset for Pichia pastoris (19_01101)
  • The second PhD project will focus on design customized Pichia pastoris strains for several complex proteins, and the development and validation of fermentation processes for their production. (19- 01102)
  • Research will take place in the research groups of Prof. Diethard Mattanovich and Assoc. Prof. Brigitte Gasser at the Department of Biotechnology of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU).

For more details on the two PhD positions please visit:

Your benefits

  • Be part of a highly interacting interdisciplinary project team
  • Be at the front of synthetic biology research with an industrially used microorganism
  • Work in collaboration with an international industrial partner
  • Start to build up your scientific network in an international team of researchers

Your requirements

  • Master’s degree or equivalent in biotechnology, molecular biology, biochemical engineering, biochemistry, or similar study
  • Strong practical experience in molecular biology and/or bioreactor cultivations requested, and scientific interest in synthetic biology and bioinformatics applications desired.
  • Excellent skills in spoken and written English, an organized approach with strong attention to detail and good communication skills with ability to work well in teams.

Please submit the application comprising a detailed CV, letter of motivation, publication list, copies of
your university degree documents, and contact details of up to 3 referees to
    For PhD1: (ref. 19_01101).   For PhD2: (ref. 19_01102).

Application deadline: 20. December 2019

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