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Interdisciplinary Exchange

ÖGMBT traditionally aims to strives to bridge the gaps between the diverse branches of biosciences and expand upon networking procedures with workshops and satellite events. The 11th Annual Meeting hosted a large variety of events that empowered this philosophy.


Life Science Awards Austria Ceremony

The promotion of young scientists is one of the ÖGMBT’s main pillars. Regularly awarding scientific prizes is an important measure to support early-stage researchers.
Additionally, these awards highlight the excellence in the Austrian research landscape and increase the visibility of exceptional life sciences topics in the public. The results of the unique nationwide search for the brightest young researchers in Life Sciences are reflected in the Life Science Research Awards Austria and the Life Science PhD Awards Austria, which are traditionally handed out each year during the ÖGMBT Annual Meeting

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Exhibitors & Quiz
34 exhibitors used the unique opportunity during the Annual Meeting to present their innovations, services and products directly to the consumer - interested research scientists. The popular ÖGMBT Exhibitor Quiz additionally stimulated interaction between exhibitors and participants of the Annual Meeting. Those who answered several specific questions correctly had the chance to win great prizes like a Hotel voucher for a city trip, an Eppendorf Reseach plus Pipette Pack, a SLAS conference package, Garmin Vivosport, Fitbit, Kindle eReader, Amazon vouchers, and many more attractive prizes.
Science Policy and its impact on Austria´s economy

Research funding and the economic implications of basic research were among the topics discussed by Prof. Christian Keuschnigg (University St. Gallen) in his research policy keynote lecture entitled "Mit Forschung und Innovation zu wirtschaftlichem Wachstum und Stabilität”. (report will be published shortly)

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YLSA Workshop
This satellite was dedicated to all life science students and junior researchers interested in finding out different ways to boost their career development. Several hot topics were covered, from mobility and grant application/scholarship opportunities, research life in industry vs. academia, to strategies that should be implemented in order to improve our attitude towards failed experiments and “negative” results and to maintain an overall positive mindset. The invited speakers shared their insights regarding all these aspects, and will provided participants with useful tips on how to take advantage of all the existent tools in order to make the best decision for their future careers.
Buchinger Life Science Solutions
Petra Buchinger’s workshop, from BLiSS, was designed for established scientists and group leaders among the attendees. She presented core insights of her research “DOES LIFE SCIENCE NEED CONSULTANCY?”, followed by a workshop where participants discussed the six biggest problems of people working in the Life Sciences. Participants were introduced to a treasure chest of meta-consulting tools greatly helping their career.
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Wine & Science
The popular event “Wine & Science” once again offered a perfect networking opportunity during the Annual Meeting – fostering face-to-face meetings, which are increasingly important in our digitalized society. Enjoying a glass of wine at exhibitor’s booths, while sharing ideas and experiences – many fruitful cooperations have already blossomed following initial interactions at the Annual Meeting.

Microbe of the Year

The ÖGMBT organised a competition in honor of the International Microorganism Day 2019. Out of 16 submissions from school classes in the age 10-14 year-old children, the conference attendees voted and the work by Jonas, Jakob, Moritz and Florian from the 2b class from grammar school on St. Johann won the competition with Escherichia Coli to be named the Microbe of the Year 2019.

School students across Austria were asked for their contributions by presenting their favorite microorganism in the most creative way possible. All submissions were on exhibit at the ÖGMBT’s Annual Meeting, and the conference attendees were the jury! The winning submission is named “Microbe of the Year 2019”, the class received a workshop in a microbiology lab at the Biocenter Innsbruck.