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Interscientific Exchange

ÖGMBT traditionally aims to bridge the gaps between the diverse branches of biosciences and expand upon networking procedures with workshops and satellite events.

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Annual Biophysics Austria Meeting
Biophysics is the bridge between biology and physics. To foster interactions with biology, it has thus become tradition to liaise with the ÖGMBT and hold the Annual Biophysics Austria Meeting as satellite of the Annual ÖGMBT meeting. The meeting highlighted recent advances in cell biophysics, membranes, channels & transporters, nanoscale biophysics, proteins, nucleic acids, systems biophysics, theoretical biophysics, biophysical techniques, and new emerging areas.


Building Bridges

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Communicating Science with Creativity - SCIENCE ART EXHIBITION AND FASHION SHOW
by Beata Edyta Mierzwa (Beata Science Art)
Creativity is an integral part of both science and art, and combining these two seemingly different disciplines creates unique ways to communicate science. This satellite event will focus on how researchers can use art to add some creativity to the conventional forms of scientific communication, and to convey complex biological concepts in an intuitive way.
Our participants enjoy art of different scientists at the art exhibition and watch the impressing fashion show by Beata.
Takara Workshop: “SMARTer solutions for single-cell transcriptomics and genomics”
by Dr. François-Xavier Sicot - Senior Product Manager, Takara Bio Europe 
The participants learned more about SMARTer ICELL8 cx: The Open Platform for high-throughput single-cell NGS, SMARTer PicoPlex & SMART-seq – latest versions and saw how they can improve their single-cell research.
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Career Sessions: What do you want to do after your graduation? No idea? YLSA has some for you!
by YLSA Ost
ÖGMBT YLSA presented their work and activities like Career talks and Company visits and invited speakers from different companies and institutions talked about their profession.
CV CHECK: A convincing application is the ticket to the interview - Improve your CV
by Gisela Zechner, life-science Karriere Service

Participants took the change for a quick check of individual resumes and cover letters and had the opportunity to asked questions concerning the interview. A full JOB WALL offered job ads for all participants.
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Wine & Science
The well-established networking event “Wine & Science” again offered the opportunity to share ideas and experiences, to meet old friends or make new ones - while enjoying a glass of wine at Exhibitor´s booths.  Socialising within the scientific community is a vital part of conference environment and individual and professional development. Once again it was a highlight at the ÖGMBT Annual Meeting.
10 years ÖGMBT party
We celebrated the ten-year anniversary of ÖGMBT by presenting the highlights with a new film and a huge birthday cake. Members, supporters and network partners joined this celebration and made this evening special.