Life Science Tuesday #2/12 – “RNA Biology” - October 20 - Program & Abstract Booklet

Friday, 16 October 2020 12:58


Our first Life Science Tuesday “Lipids and Metabolism” was well attended, the discussions in the breakout rooms were lively, the Short Talks by young talents were on a high standard and we were enthused by the quality and creativity of the Science Flashes. Thanks to all who participated!

We expect no less at our next Life Science Tuesday #2/12 dedicated to “RNA Biology” supported by LexogenOctober 20 from 13:30 – 18:00 hrs, chaired by Brigitte Pertschy & Sebastian Falk.

Invited Speaker Marlene Oeffinger (Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal, CA) will be talking about “Nuclear mRNA metabolism directs specialization of the nuclear pore complex in yeast”, followed by 4 Short talks and 4 Science flashes by young talents. Last but not least, Renée Schroeder will be giving a presentation on the “Historical Perspective on RNA Research".

Please find here the program/abstract booklet for the afternoon and the teaser video.

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The Annual Meeting is free of charge for all personal ÖGMBT members!

Registration for the Life Science Tuesdays is at any time possible. For abstract submission check the deadlines on our webpage.

Even without registration we invite you to visit:

Come join us for 11 further Life Science Tuesdays – starting at #2 on October 20! Here the list of all Life Science Tuesdays.


We look forward to see you there!


Harald Pichler, Helmut Bergler, Alexandra Khassidov

Organizing Committee





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