FEBS Network Corner - October

Wednesday, 17 October 2018 09:58

Bildergebnis für FEBS

The FEBS Network platform was launched a year ago as a new online international forum for scientists working in the molecular and cellular life sciences (https://www.febs.org/news/the-febs-network-is-one-year-old/).  It provides opportunities to share advice, news and insights, and to connect and collaborate.

The platform initially focused on ‘channels’ of expert content for targeted general audiences, such as early-career scientists, university teachers or registrants interested in science and society issues.  Other scientists join the community as 'Users' creating a profile page presenting their interest and posting content. Such content will also be featured on the network in 'Latest from all the community'. Enlarging support for its members during the first year FEBS has opened private ‘rooms’ as support and extension for FEBS community groups and FEBS-supported meetings. See the post ‘Welcome to the FEBS Network’ for a longer introduction to the platform.

Here some recent publications of the FEBS Network:

How to finish a project in 9 months
by  Maayan Pour (PhD Student, Tel Aviv University)

Zen and the art of tissue culture
by Brooke Morriswood (Junior Group Leader, University of Würzburg)

Lecture ‘flipping’: a student-centred approach for undergraduate teaching
by Jeremy Pritchard (Director of Education, University of Birmingham)

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